by Kevin OBrien on March 23, 2013


Our latest iteration of our YFS Ref USB cable, the Dual-Headed Reference USB 2.0 Interconnect, takes USB performance to the next level. In our case, that means more of what you want which is the most analog sound you can get from digital. Yes, even more analog than vinyl.

We've completely isolated the power and ground leads from the data + and - leads to allow for the most involving musical experience we've heard. This new design allows us to integrate the YFS 5 Volt linear DC power supply, the PS-5, into the mix and get even more performance out of our HD.Ref-3 SE music server transport.

Why rely on compromised USB power for your expensive DAC's USB input chip? We don't think it's the best idea especially if you're trying to achieve the highest level of music playback possible. A lot of DAC's are using the XMOS USB input chip which in most cases takes power from your computer's USB bus to run. We've substituted 5 volts of audiophile-grade linear DC power where you'd normally see 5 volts of computer USB bus power. The results are in the music. With the YFS power supply in the chain, you can rest assured you're getting the high quality power your USB enabled DAC deserves and the playback performance you demand.

Our dual-headed design can be used without the 5 volt linear power supply. The inherent isolation in the cable design gives you greater performance. You don't need to add the power supply.

Our attention to detail in our hand crafted cable designs is implemented in each and every YFS custom USB 2.0 interconnect and our new dual-headed design is no exception. We guarantee our new YFS Ref USB cable will be compatible with EVERY USB DAC or device.

We make a standard 1.0 meter length for our new dual-headed USB design but we may be able to accommodate different lengths if you ask.

Unfortunately M2Tech USB input products such as the W4S DAC2 and the Off-Ramp SPDIF converters use the M2Tech USB input solution and do not use USB power so our cable isn't effective in these cases. This isn't the case for the M2Tech Hi-Face MkII which uses the XMOS chip but all other M2Tech USB products will not benefit from this cable technology.

Check out our 'Data-Only USB' article here for a [incomplete] list of compatible DAC's to use with our "Split" YFS Ref USB interconnects.

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-YFS Design Team