by Kevin OBrien on August 8, 2013


Since we already make custom linear DC power supplies, we figured we'd try our luck at a Mac Mini linear power supply. We feel the other Mini power supplies on the market are not quite up to par. When we find a PS that is up to the task, the price is daunting! So, let's try and change all that with our YFS PS-12m.

We have been busy designing and building our prototype PS-12m and I think we really nailed it. We offer a 12V/ 7.5Amp DC linear power supply with an 18" umbilical which attaches to the rear of the Mac Mini via a 2.5mm DC barrel jack. We remove the internal switching power supply and replace it with high quality silver leads straight from the Mini motherboard fed into a high quality internal power filter, then to a 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC power jack on the Mini rear panel. We can make the umbilical connector anywhere from 12" to 36". We've tested both extremes and found no difference in performance. Please specify umbilical length when ordering the YFS PS-12m.

We offer a stand-alone Mac Mini modification which involves adding an SSD for your OS (supplied by you or us)/ extra RAM (supplied by you or us), adding the silver leads to the circuit board and jack, adding an internal power filter, as well as adding the 2.5mm DC barrel jack. We can do the Mini mod for our customers and they can use our competition's power supply if they wish.

Our customers can also buy a DIY kit for their Mini if they choose. This allows foreign customers and/ or folks who have a good handle on soldering/ electronics work to save some cash. We are not responsible for broken Mini's after installing our YFS Mini Mod Kit. Modify at your own risk. We think this is a nice option. We can also do the Mini Mod and provide our linear DC power supply as a package and give our customers a break on the Modification/ PS combo pricing. It's totally up to you. You can buy them separately or as a pair. Versatility is key. 

Potential customers may ask what differentiates our PS from the other guys? Well, we actually supply more current than the stock Mini switching PS which is rated at 7.1 Amps. Looking at our competitors, we don't see how it's even remotely possible to supply anywhere close to 7 Amps without heat sinks or a perforated top cover. Why do we need a perforated cover or heat sinks? We have to get rid of the heat generated by the 7.5 Amps. There's just no way to break the laws of physics. Next time you look at a linear Mini PS, look at it closely and ask yourself which method the designer is using to dump heat. If you don't see any way to efficiently transfer the heat, then the PS is most likely putting out closer to 3 to 4 Amps, not 7.5.             

The main question you may have is, "How does it sound?" Well, we get better bass response, more detail, better slam, a wider and taller sound stage, and more dynamics.

Our power supplies are built from scratch, by hand, in Upstate NY and carry a 1 year warranty. We don't source our products from distant off-shore locations and then assemble them in the USA. We're not saying there's anything wrong with that but we feel our customers deserve much better quality than that. Again, our products are entirely hand crafted in the USA. We stand behind our products and each and every PS-12m is made to order. You may ask yourself, "Is it worth the wait?" We think so. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion and two weeks for delivery. We know it's a long wait, but it may not take that long depending on our current work load.

Contact us for pricing, availability, and lead times.

THANKS for reading!

-YFS Design Team