Welcome to the Machine

After trying to find the best digital source to drive our 2 channel systems over the past year, we realized the possible potential and more importantly, the limitations of all the 'music servers' that are currently available.  We have built a true high definition digital source that's on par with recording studio servers that record the music we listen to everyday.  Why not use a recording studio server to drive your high end 2 channel system?  Isn't that what we are all after; the closest thing to live, non-reproduced music we can get?

What does every audiophile want in the perfect music server?  I know we want the most capable, high powered computer acting as our digital music source as possible.  This is something you will learn quickly when you start testing different laptops and desktops.  Most of these make-shift 'music servers' are pretty much equivalent specs-wise and don't separate themselves from the pack. 

What if someone came up with a truly breakthrough server that put the competition to shame?  How about a server that could hold all of our uncompressed music?  How about a server that doesn't require us to move our songs over to a Solid State Hard Drive before listening?  Could someone make a server we could rip CD/ DVD-Audio discs with while listening to our favorite music with absolutely NO audio drop-outs OR loss in sound quality?  How about surfing the web while we're listening?  Could someone build a server that isn't obsolete in 6 months because the hardware is out-dated?  How about a remote desktop application that could control our server from our favorite listening position without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse?  Can we find a product to do all of the above while simultaneously remaining quieter than a laptop?

We feel at YFS that we have answered all of the above questions. Our first experience with our HD-Ref-1 server can be comparable to going from standard def TV to HDTV.  With the HD-Ref-1 you can hear EVERY subtle detail and nuance of your music in a deep, wide soundstage that completely envelopes you.  You can truly hear the musicians playing their instruments as if they were right there in front of you.  The PRaT you feel from the percussion on some of your favorite tracks is absolutely, toe-tappingly PERFECT! 

Imagine not fighting over the sweet spot on the couch.  Imagine hearing that same perfect sound projected throughout your listening room following you as you walk around. This experience is truly unique.  After a short time with the HD-Ref-1, it sounded like we made major upgrades in ALL our system components.  Who would have thought just a source component could make such a drastic improvement in our system?  We certainly didn't until now.

Why buy a music server from the other guys that needs to be upgraded from the base model to sound its best?  We give you the features you really need all in one model that doesn't require any upgrades to meet your needs.  We do offer a Lynx Digital Out card option but that's it!  Obviously, we can create the HD-Ref-1 to your personal specifications but we feel we really won't have to worry about that.  It's that good!

Did we mention our server is housed in a heavy-duty, industrial STEEL, rack-mountable chassis that effectively shields critical components from EMI and other noise?  Our final product weighs in at approximately 50 lbs!

We're almost finished testing our final iteration of the HD-Ref-1 and we feel we're close to having it completely dialed in.  Feel free to contact us about anything you may have on your mind regarding our latest offering.

THANKS for reading and we look forward to hearing from you about this breakthrough digital source product.

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Best regards from the YFS design team!