by Kevin OBrien on May 16th, 2013

 HOW DO I PACK UP MY REF-3 FOR SHIPMENT?                                                                                                                                                                                                                
We wanted to take the time out to show our customers the proper way to pack up the YFS Ref-3 SE music server transport for shipment. If these steps are not followed, the Ref-3 will be damaged during shipment and the customer will be responsible for repair costs.

Follow these simple steps to pack the Ref-3 before shipment.

1.) Open the top cover.


2.) Place the ~ 1/4" piece of foam over the heat sink. If the foam insert has been misplaced, any foam piece approximately the same size as the original will do. Place the foam in an anti-static bag just to be safe. The pink foam insert we supply is anti-static in nature. If you need another insert for shipping your Ref-3 and you have misplaced the original insert, please contact us and we'll send you another insert. DO NOT SHIP THE REF-3 WITHOUT THE FOAM INSERT IN PLACE!




3.) Place the top cover back on the Ref-3. Sandwich the foam insert between the top cover and the heat sink. (This happens automatically) Now your Ref-3 is ready to be shipped.


THANKS for reading! These steps are crucial for transporting the YFS Ref-3 successfully and must be followed in order to do so. 

-YFS Design Team