by Kevin OBrien on May 12th, 2015.

YFS 'SUPER 30' PURE COPPER LITZ HEADPHONE CABLE                                                                                                                                                                                                 

YFS is branching out into the headphone arena with our very first aftermarket headphone cable, the 'Super 30'. This particular cable is appropriately named as it utilizes a pure copper Litz conductor design. Each conductor is built up out of 30 individual insulated strands of pure copper magnet wire. These 30 strands comprise a single conductor in our 'Super 30' cable. 4 total conductors are used per cable. Our 'Super 30' cable comes standard in a 7ft length. Please ask for custom lengths if needed. Custom terminations are also available. We use Neutrik 4-pin connectors for balanced configurations and Viablue 1/4" stereo connectors for single ended configurations. Those are what come standard on our balanced and single ended 'Super 30' cables. These various options are priced accordingly. Remember, at YFS, you're the boss and you get what you want. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We came up with our YFS Litz cable out of necessity. Our Sennheiser HD800's did not sound good out of the box. We have heard of all sorts of fixes for the HD800 to take them to the next level, including and not limited to modifications to the inner ear cups, mods to the amplification and sources, as well as cable mods and replacements. We chose to do the latter as this is by far the most universal and most effective mod to the HD800. Everybody has a headphone amp they prefer as well as a favorite source which are usually nearly impossible to let go of. A cable change on the other hand isn't quite as painful of an upgrade and is universally thought of as a simple fix and part of the process of purchasing a high end headphone. We couldn't agree more.

The 'Super 30' cable has found its way into several audiophile's hands that we trust for initial evaluations prior to its release. The verdict is unanimous: this thing rocks! This time around we wanted to be absolutely sure we had something before bringing it to market. There's really no point in making waves about a cable that's just merely mediocre. That's not our style so we wanted to get it right the very first time and we feel we absolutely nailed it.

Drop us a line and we can chat about custom terminations and lengths, as well as good amp matches for different headphones. The YFS 'Super 30' is quite the match for any planar headphone but especially the HiFiMAN models with their 'sharper' treble region. This cable mates very well with our HiFiMAN HE-1000 (pure silver also sounds amazing) demo phones and is the statement HE-1000 aftermarket cable. The Audeze phones mate well with the 'Super 30' too. The HD800 especially benefits from a Litz cable with its 'sharp' treble and intense HF information.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to check out our new flagship aftermarket headphone cable.

Feel free to contact us for lead times and pricing.

Until next time...

- YFS Design Team