by Kevin OBrien on June 10th, 2012


We have been working our butts off lately on an audiophile USB 2.0 interconnect that could deliver more to our customers than our current USB V4 model. You may ask, why are we continuously redeveloping our YFS products? We have to be honest here. We were perfectly happy and content with our V4 design until one of our customers asked us to come up with the best possible USB cable design we could build. It took us a few weeks but we have finally come up with THE statement USB 2.0 interconnect from YFS.

We call it the YFS USB Reference. It truly is our reference USB interconnect to measure all other USB cables we design by. We think it's that good! We have been absolutely thrilled at the responses we've been getting from our customers thus far. We took what we learned from our V4 design and then went the extra mile to ensure even better performance.

Our conductors are made from pure OFC copper and pure silver. We then implement our proprietary YFS 'DD' data leads configuration and totally separate power leads to isolate the data from the power. We top it off with our proprietary shielding technique for the finishing touch. Give one a shot and be blown away by what our competitors are currently charging $500 to $1,000 for.

Our Reference USB 2.0 interconnect only comes in a 1-meter length. This is based on the tedious work involved and the extra materials used to make the Reference design. It's not as easy as it looks. Contact us if you have a need for a length longer than 1 meter and we MAY be able to accommodate you. We aren't making any promises but we'll see what we can do. We provide our customers with a standard cable option as well as a Data-Only option for those of you who use data-only compatible equipment. See our data-only USB FAQ here.

Here's an excerpt from a recent review from one of our customers regarding the YFS USB Reference interconnect:


"Your YFS USB Reference is crisp, clear, and detailed. It conveys a DEEP sound-stage of instruments. It makes my listening room sound like a concert hall! It conveys a truly unique 3D depth to the music. It will only get better with more playing time I'm sure..."  JMTP


We are currently shipping the YFS USB Reference interconnect so drop us a line and hear one for yourself. 

THANKS for reading!