I'm sure most folks have heard the story behind the recording so I'll spare you the details but we all know this should have been Kind Of Blue Part II. The sound of the cymbals really gets me every time I listen. They actually sound like the real thing, which can be tough to do. Maybe I'm just dreaming here but wouldn't it be great to see Brubeck's Time Out and Miles' Kind Of Blue in 24/192 format? I'm just sayin'. Some day it would be nice to see. For now I'm just excited to hear some classic 1958 Miles in 24/192 so you can consider me happy.

If you're a jazz fan this is a must have. It seems like it could have been overlooked based on the actual title but don't let that sway you. Give it a listen and tell me I'm not crazy here. There is a definite audible difference between the 16/44 and the 24/192 releases. It sounds great in my system and I'm sure it will perform well in any system. Hear it for yourself.

Happy listening!


Associated Equipment for this Review:

  • YFS/ SCH Custom Speakers
  • YFS Custom Room Treatment
  • YFS HD Ref-1 Computer Music Server
  • Musical Fidelity V-DAC
  • YFS Custom CA-60a Preamp and Custom 6L6 Tube Power Amp
  • YFS Custom Interconnects and Cables