by Brad Easton on February 2012

I just bought the Talking Heads' Speaking In Tongues in 24bit/96kHz FLAC format from What an impressive recording. This album just sounds right. We have been testing these files with the MF V-DAC which has a ceiling of 16/44 via its USB input. These files still sound better than the Redbook files in our test scenario. Do yourself a favor and get online and check out If you can find a few titles you are already familiar with you will be in for a real treat. Compare them to your Redbook versions and be blown away like we have. We are hoping more and more audiophiles will be switching to digital sources such as computers and music streamers so hopefully the HDTracks catalog will grow more quickly. That is the main limitation with Hi-Res digital files. There just isn't that much material out there right now. There are plenty of classical titles but the rock and jazz are fewer and further between.  With a little luck and a general movement towards digital files as sources we should start seeing much more availability of titles.

One thing we've noticed that we do not get with the Redbook version of this album is P.R.A.T.. We just cannot get over how great this title sounds through our YFS HD Ref 1 prototype music server. WOW! If you have been waiting to make the leap into the computer transport scene, now is a great time to give it a shot. Don't wait any longer. If you are a Talking Heads fan, HDTracks has about 4 or 5 of their titles so you can start there with your digital files collection.

We have listened to some other Talking Heads titles and they sound great as well. 'Speaking In Tongues' is definitely their more widely known album with their most popular tracks. Get online and check it out. You'll be glad you did.

We hope to bring you more HD title reviews in the near future...


Associated Equipment for this Review:

  • YFS/ SCH Custom Speakers
  • YFS Custom Room Treatment
  • YFS HD Ref-1 Computer Music Server
  • Musical Fidelity V-DAC
  • YFS Custom CA-60a Preamp and Custom 6L6 Tube Power Amp
  • YFS Custom Interconnects and Cables